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Every student deserves a champion.

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2020 showed us why.


As students returned to the classroom after the winter holidays, they reconnected with friends, hugged the teachers they missed over break, and got back into the swing of the second half of the school year.

Classroom Champions was hard at work on a strategic plan three years in the making to…

Launch a new Classroom Champions experience


We’ve always been in the business of resilience.

As the threat of COVID drew near, the Classroom Champions community spanned across North America, and athlete mentors were scattered across the world.

Athletes were rushed home with uncertainty looming around their training and competitions.

Hear from Olympic Hopeful Kori Hol about her experience.

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In March, North America became part of the global pandemic.

We realized this wasn’t as temporary
as any of us hoped.

Within weeks we…

We launched a completely new curriculum…

…then offered it for free.

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For the past year, we had been working on a new way to deliver Classroom Champions to educators and schools across North America through our SEL Foundations Curriculum. Just before we were set to launch, our world was upended by the pandemic. We knew what we had to do: Offer our curriculum to any educator, for free. So that’s what we did.

This included Michael…

After we gave teachers what they needed…

We needed to get back to basics

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Classroom Champions put on 53 days straight of live, virtual events featuring inspirational world-class athletes to help keep kids and families engaged in social and emotional wellness during the start of the pandemic.

Classroom Champions Live provided students with…

Live Engagements

Taught by over...

Olympic, Paralympic, NCAA and professional athletes


0 + Students

But most importantly, it was

1,060 minutes of feeling connected once again.

We then used Classroom Champions Live to provide social and emotional
learning tools for any teacher who needed it…

When kids had questions about racism and social justice, our athletes confronted the topic head-on.


Social and emotional learning had an increased
importance during the pandemic.

Partnerships and sponsorships allowed us to reach communities that needed us the most.

A partnership with the Flames Foundation gave players across Calgary Sports and Entertainment Corporation athletics the chance to provide inspiring Mindful Minutes and resources to kids across Calgary.

inn from the cold

Youth Homelessness Initiative

When a local charity that supports homeless families reached out with a high need to engage their families during this time, our athletes and staff answered the call. We used Classroom Champions’ SEL Foundations Curriculum to teach some of our most vulnerable kids and families critical Social and Emotional Learning skills with a dedicated team of athlete mentors who made a commitment to come back again and again for these children.

“My son is very quiet and does not express himself often, possibly from the past trauma he has experienced. He is ready to log in 10 minutes prior and is very eager to participate in Classroom Champions. He’s really enjoying it and his attitude has changed towards certain things.”

– Parent of an Inn from the Cold participating student


As we wrapped up our first pandemic school year, we celebrated what our educators and students were able to accomplish.

Teachers had enough on their plate. Between location changes, increased demands, and worries about the wellbeing of their students; Classroom Champions decided to not distribute program surveys.
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Ashley Anderson is a long-time Classroom Champions teacher out of Oregon. Listen to Ashley’s perspective that she gave to her peers.

But we needed to check in with teachers. We had to ensure we were using the summer to
prepare them for the school year to come.

Classroom Champions facilitated the Great COVID Brainstorm.

Educators, Athlete Mentors, administrators and Classroom Champions staff from across North America came together to address education’s biggest issues during the pandemic.


Our mentors got the chance to practice what they preached.

“I’ve spent years training for the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. My hard work, dedication and perseverance was consistent. I didn’t see results overnight, but had to create a years-long habit of showing up every single day for myself and my training. When the Games got postponed, I found a lot of comfort in what I had been teaching my Classroom Champions mentees for these past few years. I had to walk the walk and show them what resilience looked like. We talked openly and honestly about how I felt disappointed and even a little angry. But I’m so honored to go on this journey with them. The Classroom Champions community supports each other.”

– Lex Gillette
Paralympic Medalist

Our athletes that couldn’t go to the Games brought experiences
to families around the world through Airbnb.



First ever district-wide programming

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Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona, became fully integrated into the Classroom Champions community. Listen to Ella's experience.

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(2 Minute Audio)

School Supported
Teachers Participated
Students Reached


We started another socially distanced and virtual school year…

One of our biggest pieces of feedback?

Provide students with the ability to control their learning experience.

“It was a big benefit to our school because there’s some people doing online learning, and for the teachers it’s hard for them to give work online and tell kids what to do… So this is nice to all learn together.”

– Student, Bear Creek Elementary School, Grade 7

“For me, because it’s interactive, I can control what I want to learn.”

Student, Bear Creek Elementary School, Grade 7


Donors had a particularly powerful impact this year.

As schools and districts felt the financial strain from the pandemic and teachers were paying out of pocket, donors and sponsors allowed Classroom Champions to provide scholarship dollars toward the SEL Foundation Curriculum.

Pottruck Family Scholarships

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(2 Minute Audio)

$ 0
Provided for Programming
Students Reached
Participating U.S. States and Canadian Provinces


Typically in November, we’re celebrating our work at our annual concert fundraiser, Concert for Classrooms hosted by Canadian broadcast legend Ron MacLean.

This year, we went virtual.

Sponsored by



The pandemic posed many challenges to our community, but we were able to persevere
and demonstrate true teamwork for the wellbeing and stability of students.

We like to think that together we all had a small part in that.

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This year has not only been traumatic for our students and families, but also for our teachers and administration. Without Classroom Champions, they could have easily felt alone, but because of Classroom Champions, they felt seen. This initiative saved us in a way that no other “program” or curriculum could. Kids not only knew that their athlete mentor believed in them, but found the confidence to remain compassionate, kind and empowered through this moment.

– Ella Maya, 6th grade teacher, Cartwright School District, Arizona

2021 will be better because of what 2020 taught us. Thank you to all our supporters and donors who gave teachers the opportunity to use Classroom Champions to connect, inspire and engage during an unprecedented school year.

2021 and beyond

Lessons from Willie

In February 2021, the NHL and Classroom Champions came together to create educational resources to facilitate discussion and learning around social justice and racism through the lens of Willie O’Ree’s experiences as the first black player in the NHL, as shown in the Willie documentary.

The launch in Canada featured a Zoom panel with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau; Guest of Honor Willie O’Ree; Canadian Pro Hockey Player Sarah Nurse; Willie Producer Bryant McBride, Founder of Hockey4Youth Moe Hasham; young Jamaican hockey player Brittany Morrison, and Canadian sportscaster Ron MacLean. There was also a classroom representing each territory and province across Canada to ask questions and participate in the discussion.

Heart of a Champion

tokyo 2

For the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, Classroom Champions partnered with NBC Olympics and ClassDojo to provide teachers and families with exclusive resources and engaging lesson videos called Heart of a Champion.

In this first year, the effort to date has reached more than 5 million kids, before the Games have begun. World-class athletes and classrooms across the United States have shared their excitement about this effort through qualitative and quantitative feedback.

Boys and Girls Club of America

boys and girls club of america
Students in 5 Participating Clubs
Live Chats with Mentors
Video Lessons
Mentor Updates

Classroom Champions partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of America, headquarters in Atlanta, to pilot programming to bring Olympic and Paralympic Athlete Mentors to five clubs across the country. Not only did students learn from these mentors, but staff felt supported, and families had a space for vulnerability during a traumatic time for children.

Boys and Girls Club staff felt a better sense of community and a deeper understanding of what their members were going through at home and school. Families saw a significant improvement in their kids’ behavior at home and at school. Kids felt supported, confident, represented, valued, empowered, and so much more.

You’ve seen our impact. Now meet those who made it possible.


Dion Dawkins, NFL
Reid Ferguson, NFL
Dean Marlowe, NFL
Quinton Jefferson, NFL
Eddie Yarbrough, NFL
Andrew Kurka, Paralympian
Chris Mazdzer, Olympian
Christian Taylor, Olympian
Dan Cnossen, Paralympian
Deja Young, Paralympian
Elana Meyers-Taylor, Olympian
Emily Regan, Olympian
Jon Jones, Olympic Hopeful
Josh Levin, Olympic Hopeful
Josh Prenot, Olympian
Lauren Gibbs, Olympian
Lex Gillette, Paralympian
Markeith Price, Paralympian
Meghan Duggan, Olympian
Nic Taylor, Olympic Hopeful
Sam Bosco, Paralympian
Sophia Herzog, Paralympian
Tiffeny Parker, Olympic Hopeful
Abbey Duncan, NCAA
Ben Klaus, NCAA
Camryn Carter, NCAA
Darcy Matsuda, NCAA
Darby Nelson, NCAA
Davis Buchannan, NCAA
Faye Parker, NCAA
Jeff Zucker, NCAA
Jeremiah Ridge, NCAA
Luca Curran, NCAA
Lucy Yang, NCAA
Natalie Yang, NCAA
Rose Hoffman, NCAA
Sydney Woods, NCAA
Sydney Kraetz, NCAA
William Kaiser, NCAA
Stuart Harris, NCAA
Eva Hodgson, NCAA
Felecia Hayes, NCAA
Madeline High, NCAA
Nyla Pollard, NCAA
Olivia Rovin, NCAA
Tess Ruona, NCAA
Christian Scafidi, NCAA
Brian Krasowski, NCAA
Alfonso Vindici, NCAA
Caroline O’Neil, NCAA
Andrew Hally, NCAA
Vincent Armeta, NCAA
Kellie Flavin, NCAA
Emma Loving, NCAA
Megan Lloyd, NCAA
Edward Jenkins, NCAA
Elizabeth Garfoot, NCAA
Madison Goldstein, NCAA
Caroline Caponi, NCAA
Miro Everaert, NCAA
Tyler Crist, NCAA
Ted Hefter, NCAA

Alysia Rissling, Olympian
Andrea Proske, Olympian
Brigette Lacquette, Olympian
Brittany Hudak, Paralympian
Cody Dolan, Paralympic Hopeful
Cynthia Appiah, Olympic Hopeful
Evan Guthrie, Elite Athlete
Genevieve Lalonde, Olympian
Gilmore Junio, Olympian
Jackson Payne, Olympic Hopeful
Jane Channell, Olympian
Katherine Stewart Jones, Olympic Hopeful
Kori Hol, Olympic Hopeful
Madi Charney, Olympic Hopeful
Mimi Rahneva, Olympian
Sam Effah, Olympic Hopeful
Scott Tupper, Olympian
Kevin Boyer, Olympian
Emily Young, Paralympian

Jocelyne Larocque, Olympian
Alexandre Despatie, Olympian
Akeem Haynes, Olympian
Marie Claude Molnar, Paralympian
Valarie Maltais, Olympian
Charles Moreau, Paralympian
Herve Lord, Paralympian
Karolina Wisniewska, Paralympian
Nicholas Guy Turbide, Paralympian
Josh Dueck, Paralympian
Calynn Irwin, Olympian
Emily Nishikawa, Olympian
Jesse Cockney, Olympian
Cindy Ouellet, Paralympian
Neville Wright, Olympian
Chantal Givens, Paralympian
François Coulombe-Fortier, Olympian
Jeane Lassen, Olympian
Erin Latimer, Paralympian
Lizanne Murphy, Olympian
Audrey Lacroix, Olympian
Michelle Salt, Paralympian
Barrett Martineau, Olympian
Christopher Spring, Olympian
Amanda Rummery, Paralympian
Jacqueline Simoneau, Olympian
Scott Dickens, Olympian
Genevieve Saumur, Olympian
Mercedes Nicoll, Olympian
Joanie Caron, Paralympian
Karen Furneaux, Olympian
Krystina Alogbo, Olympian
Guillaume Ouellet, Paralympian
Micha Powell, Olympian
Evan Dunfee, Olympian
Camille Berube, Paralympian
Angela Whyte, Olympian
Lanni Marchant, Olympian
Joseph Polossifakis, Olympian
Marsha Hudey, Olympian
Grace Dafoe, Olympic Hopeful
Haley Daniels, Olympian
Priscilla Gagne, Paralympian
Melanie Labelle, Paralympian
Abi Tripp, Paralympian
Nate Riech, Paralympian
Derek Ryan, NHL
Dillon Dube, NHL
Matt Stajan, NHL
Cam Talbot, NHL
Steve Hamilton, WHL Coach
Riley Jones, CFL
Colin Patterson, NHL
Rob williams, NLL Coach
Hergy Mayala, CFL
Reece Callies, NLL
Mason Raymond, NHL
Curt Malawsky, NLL
Ante Litre, CFL
Ryan Van Asten, NHL
Tyler Richards, NLL
Cael Zimmerman, NLL
Dane Dobbie, NLL
Christian Del Bianco, NLL
Dakota Kreps, NHL
Colton Hunchak, CFL
Nathan Hollinger, Professional Hockey, Athletic Trainer
Tyler Burton, NLL
Jesse King, NLL
Kyle Olsen, NHL
Eli Salama, NLL
Jackson Van De Leest, WHL
Connor Gabruch, NHL
Curtis Dickson, NLL
Jamar Wal, CFL
Cassanda Mcmanus, Dance
Tyler Pace, NLL
Joelle Numainville, Olympian
Andrew Haley, Paralympian
Benoît Huot, Paralympian
Tessa Virtue, Olympian
Jessica Tuomela, Paralympian
Ohenewa Akuffo, Olympian
Carmelina Moscato, Olympian
Vincent Marquis, Olympic Hopeful
Kimberly Hyacinthe, Olympian
Divya Biswal, Retired Elite Athlete
Kikkan Randall, Olympian
Apolo Ohno, Olympian
Allyson Felix, Olympian
Hannah Kearney, Olympian
Brenna Huckaby, Paralympian
David Boudia, Olympian
April Ross, Olympian
Will Claye, Olympian
Carli Lloyd, Olympian
Chuck Aioki, Paralympian
Tiffani McReynolds, Olympic Hopeful
Kendra Chambers, Olympic Hopeful
Haleigh Washington, Olympian
Heather McPhie Watanabe, Olympian
Queen Harrison Clay, Olympian
David Holloway, Retired NFL
Alex Analone, NFL
Colton Schmidt, Retired NFL
Winter Vinecki, Olympian
Nina Lussi, Olympic Hopeful
Stephanie Rovetti, Olympic Hopeful
Kyven Gadson, Olympic Hopeful
Curtis Beach, Retired Elite Athlete
Tiffeny Parker, Olympic Hopeful
Bradie Tennell, Olympian
Chris Kinney, Olympian
David Holloway, NFL
Juan Diego Blas 
Manolo Castro 
Marisleysis Cedo
Welaska Soto
Jason Hess
Maria Renee Rodriguez 
Allan Gutierrez Huitz, Table Tennis, Guatemala
Raul Anguiano
Walter Urrutia, Inline Speed Skating
Adriana Ruano Olivia, Olympic Hopeful

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These long-time and dedicated partners have trusted Classroom Champions to bring critical mentorship and programming to communities that need SEL. Thank you for working together to change lives.


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Peter Edwards
Peter Hanlon
Peter Loewen
Phil Cotterell
Phil Mittertreiner
Phillip Gallie
Phyllis Theberge
Quinn Adams
Ralph Parks
Ramona Saridakis Bean
Randy Brennan
Randy Mabbott
Randy Robertson
Ray Doering
Read Jones Christoffersen Ltd
Reginald Klapecki
Rhonda Holland
Rhonda Hynes
Rich Andrae
Richard Anderson
Richard Carras
Richard Chow
Richard Cormier
Richard Hannah
Richard Iwuc
Rick Andison
Rick Bawol
Rick Smith
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust
Rob Kelly
Rob Kerr
Rob Laird
Rob Mulloy
Rob Otway
Rob Pitt
Robert Booth
Robert Irvy
Robert Kimoff
Robert Lee
Robert Mandzuk
Robert Parkinson
Robert Sallis
Robert Seamon
Robert Smith
Robin Cassaday
Robin Kerr
Robin Roark
Roc Spence
Rod Wendt
Ron Deyholos
Ron Taylor
Ronald Lewis
Rose Koltes
Ross & Jackie Roy
Ross & Susan Dominikovich
Rossana Arcega
Ruthellen Bunis
Ryan Agrey
Ryan Fields
Sacha Bentall
Sandra Ellis
Sandra Forbes
Sandra Mackenzie
Sandy Mackie
Sara Titus
Sarah Friesen
Sarah Green
Sarah Taylor
Sarah Wuntke
Saron Zerai
Sasha Elias
Scott Land & Lease
Scott McBain
Scott Simms
Sean O’Brien
Sepp Plozza
Shana Mintz
Shane Hawryluk
Shane Snippa
Shannon Cook
Shannon Cornelsen
Shannon Knutson
Shannon Metler
Shannon Peters
Sharon Wilson
Shaun Jones
Shawna Christensen
Shelby MacLeod
Shirlee Crockett
Shoshanna Jacobs
Spartan Controls
Stacey Brown
Stephanie Coffey
Stephanie Hackett
Stephen Gormican
Stephen Paterson
Stephen Whisnant
Steve Jeffery
Steve Johnstone
Steve Kearns
Steve Mallory
Steve Morrison
Steve Spence
Steve, Rhiannon & Brett Mesler
Steven Lines
Stuart Craig
Stuart Olson
Stuart Stuski
Studio Bell, Home of the National Music Centre
Sudha Rao
Sue Kapis
Sue Mackenzie
Sue Sutcliffe
Susan de Cartier
Susan Hilhorst
Susan Komhyr
Suzanne Chiasson
Suzanne Taylor
Tami Henshaw
Tanya Colleaux
Tara Adams
Taylor Stacey
TC Energy
Terri Axani
Terri Downing
Terri Howell
Terri-Lee Jakob
Terry Sawchuk
Terry Stasiuk
Theresa Kimoff
Thomas Jones
Tiffany Millan
Tim & Alana Kitchen
Tim Dyrgas
Tim Karpiak
Tim Nabholz
Tina Brillantes
Tina Travale
Tino DiManno
Todd Nesloney
Todd Poulson
Todd Williams
Tom Cox
Tom Crowell
Tom Mauro
Tom McCabe
Tovie Green
Tracey Jungwirth
Tracey Watson
Tracy Lemieux
Travis Goldfeldt
Trish Caughlin
Tristan Pelletier
Troy Wason
Tyler Weidman
Valentine Volvo
Van Dafoe
Vanessa Burke
Vanessa Hamilton
Velma Hixson
Vern Krause
Victor Kallos
Victoria Winter
Vince Piotrowski
Wade Schultz
Wayne Holmgren
Wayne Morsky
Wayne Page
Wendy Allsopp
Wendy Bird
Wendy Webster
West Village Marketing
Westcor Construction
Whisnant Strategies
William Blake Homes
William King
William Shortridge
Wyatt Roadhouse
Yangarra Resources
Year Round Landscaping
Yvette Wilson
Yvonne Dawydiak

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